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SARIMA TECHNOLOGY gives you one suite of integrated apps for your entire business. SARIMA connects your sales, marketing, HR, customer support, accounting, inventory, procurement and more, while also giving you contextual integrations to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and vendors.

The benefits of ERP

It creates a dynamic culture of collaboration in the organization and minimizes extra costs at all levels.
ERP system can greatly help any company increase cross-departmental interaction and workflows, by bringing about a smooth integration of business processes.
An ERP system is made up of enterprise resource planning applications (“ERP modules”) that talk to each other and share a database. This means you can eliminate information silos between departments and give everyone a single source of truth. Your system can automate your core business processes and help you ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, fast-track reporting – and so much more.
ERP is for all types of business, either it is small, medium or large size business. Your small business or midsize company is drowning in spreadsheets, manual processes, and bad information from disparate solutions, it might be time for ERP software.

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